A Gift From Italy

New Jersey has a vast array of Italian restaurants and executive chefs, but none of them compare to Executive Chef Francesco Angelucci at Brioso Ristorante in Marlboro, NJ. Executive Chef Francesco Angelucci is among the true masters of Italian/European cuisine and a visionary of authentic cooking delights. Francesco creates each individual dish with own style, passion and dedication like no other. Throughout his time here at Brioso Ristorante, he has created a number or exquisite dishes to perfection, setting the standard equal to any fine dining, throughout Italy’s finest restaurants.
It is an experience not only to the taste buds, but also a delight to be seen right before your eyes as no other Chef can create. Because of his rich culinary heritage Chef Francesco shares his favorite traditional Sicilian recipes throughout the extensive Brioso menu. While only being in America for a few years Chef Francesco started his journey in his home town in Italy of Ortona Abruzzo, Chieti. Later moving to Germany he learned his skills as a Master of Culinary Arts under the direction of Vincenzo Gazzella at Golfo Mediterraneo Da Enzo in the city of Hanau, Germany. Chef Francesco is appreciative of this experience with Vincenzo thanking him for all he has done in his early career as well as his valued friendship.
But Chef Francesco’s story continues… After coming here to the United States in 2015 specifically to work for the DiMaggio Family at Brioso he has developed many valued friendships which he would like to personally thank.
First and foremost Francesco would like to gratefully thank the ownership of Brioso, Pietro, Calogero, and Raffaele DiMaggio for providing an excellent opportunity not only to his life, but for sharing in his passion for bringing traditional Sicilian recipes to the patrons here in New Jersey. Chef Francesco expressed how honored and thankful he is to the DiMaggio Family and looks forward to continuing the tradition of their combined Italian heritage together for many years to come.
Alongside his staff, and manager Giuseppe DiMaggio, Chef Francesco works in perfect unison to create homemade specialties and tableside demonstrations like a work of fine art. When at Brioso do not be surprised to witness Chef Francesco culinary artistry not only with his old world entrees, but also enjoying the many varieties of flaming desserts. Truly something to behold, especially with the warm hospitality abound.
While Chef Angelucci makes it look effortless, he has established many valuable connections with different vendors and customers that give him all the resources which is the cornerstone of his success. Chef Francesco would like acknowledge and personally thank close friend Kype Kypriano who has been a great asset to him and thank him for his continued friendship, and support for his passion for cooking. Although there are many who have contributed to Chef Francesco’s success, he would like to express his heartfelt appreciation to Tommy Scarpaci from Jersey Fresh Select, Scott Smoler from Simple Seafood, and Mitch from M&M meat. “They are always there for me! I would like them to know how much I appreciate for always putting me first, getting me the Best of the Best in Vegetables, Meat and Seafood.
Having the freshest ingredients makes my cooking the best, and I would like to thank them for always giving me the fastest service, the best quality, and true authentic Italian ingredients so that I can prepare all of my recipes with authenticity and old world flavor.”
Lastly, but most importantly, Chef Francesco with like to thank his most supportive part of his life, Boryanka, his beautiful wife and his son Cristian. Together they are part of a strong foundation that is behind Chef Francesco’s culinary dynamics. With their continued encouragement and support they are a true testament to the all-around happiness and devotion that Chef Francesco display every day when he is at Brioso Ristorante.
Chef Francesco would also like patrons to know that he will be conducting his first ever cooking instruction class this October 25th at Brioso where he will showcase his culinary talents to the attendee. For more information and reservation contact Brioso Risturante directly.
If you go to one new restaurant this month, we highly suggest a visit to Brioso Ristorante, in Marlboro you will not be disappointed. Truly spectacular!

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