Bayshore 2020 Brings Towns Together Promoting Explore The Bayshore Throughout NJ Residents

Millions of people travel around the world to experience new activities with new people and new surroundings. What we if we told you that if you live in New Jersey you can enjoy 117+ things to do all within the Bayshore community.

On April 30, the 10 local towns of the Bayshore area got together to create the Bayshore 2020 Committee. This committee was started to promote the many great towns and the exciting events that reside within.

The Bayshore 2020 has already made many improvements this year. If you have taken a drive down the Garden State Parkway you might have noticed signs that say “Keansburg”. Thanks to Senator Declan O’Scanlon Jr.’s office who implemented the return of the signs that were taken down many years ago. Also, the committee organizers Collette Kennedy, Mayor of Keyport and Cliff Moore, who is employed by Highlands and Keansburg responsible for Economic Development have been working closely with Amanda Stone who runs Monmouth County Tourism.

Monmouth County is the number one county to many who live in Garden State. Amanda Stone who works throughout the year enhancing tourism with trade shows and promotions has been working alongside the Bayshore 2020 Committee creating a strong presence for the area.

The Bayshore 2020 Committee has already had several meetings since April with representatives from all the surrounding towns attending. In addition Assemblywomen, Serena DiMasso and Monmouth County Freeholder Tom Arnone have shown a strong interested in supporting this new initiative.

During the meeting, many promising ideas are being researched that will have an immediate positive impact for locals and tourists who come into the Bayshore Area.

Some of these ideas consist of working with the NJDOT (New Jersey Department of Transportation) who can perform an “Active Traffic Study”. This will watch the traffic light patterns so they can be improved upon for easier driving and allowing for less “parking lot” traffic scenarios. This study would include the 10 ten towns along the Bayshore on Route 36. The study could result in improved driving coordination and decreased travel times.

Another idea was to incorporate the Bayshore area into the Monmouth County’s Virtual Tour. This will allow anyone to go exploring the abundance of parks, beaches, and recreational areas that each town offers. Keeping up with modern times the idea of a Mobile App is being reviewed. The App would help promote the hundreds of events each town holds giving anyone the options to explore while planning a fun and exciting day all without going more than 15-20 minutes in either direction.

Event promotion is one of the main goals for the Bayshore 2020. Each town is working together to plan events that offer a variety to those who enter the town alongside plan with the other towns so there are little conflicts in scheduling trying to prevent overlapping events. Mayor Collette Kennedy has been constructing a list with “117 things to do from Exit 117” that list has already exceeded that number!

Marketing the towns together will build the area for a positive future for locals and newcomers. Each town with benefit together as one with the help of the Bayshore 2020.

New updates will be coming soon such as an exclusive hashtag, social media pages, and more. Stay tuned as we clearly see a strong future for the Bayshore!

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