Chevrolet is Driving Safety to the NHRA

Chevrolet Renews Agreement as Offical Truck Of NHRA

Chevrolet is among the best of the best in the drag racing world from their strong tunable LS engines to their functional aerodynamics within each chevy design. Though some may not know “The Heartbeat of America” is also the heartbeat of the NHRA as this week the two renew their longstanding relationship.

Since the dawn of Drag Racing, Chevrolet has been running down the quarter-mile winning races and setting records, but the NHRA has another important role for the super Chevys. In 2014, the NHRA partnered with Chevrolet to provide the Silverado trucks and Suburban vehicles to be used throughout the Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series for all Safety Safari Services.

These Vehicles provide emergency and track preparation for all scenarios. “The Chevrolet products NHRA uses during race weekends allow the NHRA Safety Safari to do their jobs with flawless precision at each event,” said Graham Light, senior vice president of racing operations for NHRA.


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