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Nightlife Nirvana With DJ Swoosh & MC Bj

When it comes to NJ nightlife it doesn’t get any better then this power duo who have been not only rocking in the hottest clubs but also entire islands. internationally known for being one of the best in their field, DJ Swoosh and MC Bj have a gift of reading the crowd and giving the people what they want to hear.

MC Bj who has been the “master of ceremonies” for Coors Light  about 17 years is the guy you need to experience in person to truly get that amazing energy. Starting when he was a young man, his mother who ran a local cabaret down in Maryland had a MC call out, Bj got the party going that night and the following week was hired as the permanent MC. Now 41 years later he is one of the best in the business.

If you like clubbing down in Atlantic City then you know DJ Swoosh who has set and raised the bar for DJ’s throughout New Jersey and South Philly. Growing his brand out of South Philly DJ Swoosh grew in popularity and soon after headed to Atlantic City where he served fresh beats that got any crowd going. In addition DJ Swoosh is one of the main DJ’s for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and has laid down the tracks for the St. Thomas Islands.

These two met a few years ago down in Atlantic City and Seaside Heights and now have collaborated together to make one powerful duo. With a fine tuned skill of reading the crowd these guys can make you forget your worries as you dance the night away. We met up with these two as they got ready to party at a new local hot-spot in Hazlet, NJ called Vibe. Asking them what drives you they both responded with “the positive energy” whether they are having a bad day they know that when them come to work they can make someone else’s problems disappear.

As the night got going and the lights turned down the party cranked up when these two got hot. A feeling like nothing else is the best way to describe how you feel when MC Bj interacts with the crowd alongside DJ Swoosh who plays what you want to hear, almost like a nightclub nirvana.

Playing year round MC Bj and DJ Swoosh have some amazing events planned coming up, Check the links below to see where they will be next. If you are looking for one of the best nights out see these guys in action!


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