Kenny K & The Way

Blues is an expression of one’s soul, mix that with the passion of Rock N’ Roll add in an electric personality and you get the recipe for Kenny K and The Way. Find out why everyone is in “The Way.”

Who is Kenny K?

Picture an empty street in the city, the roar of a burnout, as smoke fills the air, out steps “Mr. Electric” Kenny Kurczeski. Performing for the first time at the Atlantic Highlands Car Show back in 2014 was the birthplace of Kenny’s unique variation of music that can only be described as a form of gritty fun blues. Growing since then, Kenny plays at other various car shows, social nightclubs and local mic nights showcasing his signature voice that wakes up the dead. Kenny explained “I always give 110%. I give a show like I’m performing at Madison Square Garden.”

“The Originals”

This past January Kenny recorded his first album called “Six Shooter” which offers some of his original pieces. “These songs are a mind eraser after the day to day grind.” Kenny also compared his originals to have a “Hot Roder” style. He plays each song in the moment and wants others to feel the positive presence of emotion. Kenny recollects one of his favorite moments that describes the impact of his songs. “I was playing at Jamians in Red Bank awhile back. As I was performing one of my songs on stage a woman with a harmonica started jamming in the crowd. Next thing I know she hops up on stage with me, jumps on my back and starts rocking on her harmonica. I’m singing, she’s playing, everyone is having a great time.” Each song though unique, are very simple to play allowing anyone to join in the band.

Everyone is in “The Way”

“There are 50 drummers and 60 electric guitar players in the band,” jokingly said Kenny. Breaking out of the norm, Kenny has a different band that plays with him at each gig. “Everyone is welcome to rock with us.” He tells people to “Get in the way.” Kenny has performed with hundreds of great musicians such as blues player Bob Denson and blues artist Chuck Lambert, alongside many more well-known performers. Kenny loves performing with a friend Adam “Bro” who is a Harmonica player that regularly gets in “The Way”. Kenny described Adam as “A person with tremendous energy. We feed off each other, both of us having the time of our lives up on stage.”

“Six Shooter”

In his recent album “Six Shooter” Kenny features six songs that are guaranteed to give you a boost of positive energy. Within the album, he dedicates it to a few people who have been a large impact in his life. First, his father, A man who would sing the “Shanty Song” at weddings and events to remember the people who they miss. His Father was a true inspiration towards his music. Second, His Mother, No one would be the person that they are without a mother’s love. Last, he honors a good friend who recently passed away, Santa Ray. “Santa Ray” and I met two years ago. He was at almost every show and this guy was one of the largest supporters,” as Kenny reminisces.

“The Way of The Future!

On August 14th, Tuesday night Kenny’s album “Six Shooter” is going to have a release party at The Saint in Asbury Park with the band “Whiskey Shivers”. Also, Kenny K. & The Way will be performing at Expresso Joe’s on August 9 please visit his Facebook Page for more information, @Kennyk&TheWay. Kenny invites everyone to come out to hear some great music and to of course join in on the fun. As somebody once said to Kenny, “Even if you don’t know what you’re doing on stage, just smile like your having the time of your life.” If you are listening to Kenny’s Music you will definitely be smiling!


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