Keyport Softball Gaining Big Wins To Start 2019 Season

The Red Raiders started off their season opener against the Seraphs on Monday where they were triumphant winning 18-5. Is this the foreshadowing of what is to come for the rest of the season?

Keyport has been training hard during the off-season and focused on working together during the pre-season. In a previous article wrapping-up last years season, I had mention the team worked like a family, this year is no exception.

Looking closely at the team there are four seniors who are bringing advanced skills and a deep knowledge of the sport to the field.

Standing at third base is Gigi Piccini. She has been with the program her four years of high school and has impacted the team with strong hits on the offensive side and her quick reaction timing on defense.

Photo By Ken Cook #5 Gigi Piccini

In the outfield is Brooke Mitchell. Being with the program for two years after transferring from SJV her dedication to the team is nothing short of impressive . When the ball is coming her way she is not afraid to dive to get the batter out. Her determination is sure to help the team this season.

Photo By Ken Cook: #8 Brooke Mitchell

At second base is Holly Chandler who is also a four-year veteran. Her ability to read the batters movements is truly something to behold. When up to bat she is able to rocket the ball into the outfield and sprints past the bases.

Photo By Ken Cook: #1 Holly Chandler

The team will also be featuring other talented players like Pitcher, Emily Savicky who in her game on Wednesday struck out 18 players, Catcher, Chelsea Geyer who helped set Savicky for strategic plays, and outfielder Lila Trench who crushes the ball when up for bat.

Photo By Ken Cook: #10 Emily Savicky

Photo By Ken Cook: #11 Chelsea Geyer

Photo By Ken Cook: #2 Lila Trench

The Red Raiders success is also attributed to the two dedicated coaches Henry Arlequin and Alissa Francisco. Their skills as coaches have pushed this team into both Shore Conference and State tournaments the past several years. This year we expect nothing short of great coaching from the dynamic duo as they face against top rivals Henry Hudson Regional And Point Pleasant Beach.

Photo By Ken Cook

The Keyport Red Raiders just secured another great win and are running on a two-game win streak to start the season. Winning the first game 18-5 and the second game 13-0 the Red Raiders are rocketing up the ladder to Shore Conference Champions.

The next game for the Red Raiders will be on Friday, April 5 @4pm at Cedar Street Field, Keyport where they will face top-rival Point Pleasant Beach.

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