King, Karlmann King: The Luxury High-End Custom Made Stealth Fighter SUV

Imagine driving down the road in a red convertible to only look in your rearview mirror to see an upgraded Batman tumbler charging towards your bumper. It wasn’t invented by Bruce Wayne but he would certainly purchase this king of the road known as a Karlmann King.

Photo By Ken Cook

With the popularity of the Hummer H2 back in 2002, the love for robust utility vehicles have gained a deep and faithful following since its sad departure in 2009. The ability to drive a hulk-smashing all-terrain military vehicle on the road is a pleasing experience to anyone brave enough to get behind the wheel. Though you may ask, what if you want MORE?!

Introducing the Karlmann King. Produced by a custom vehicle manufacturer from Europe this behemoth sports its design with elements based on the Falcon fighter jet. With stunning three-dimesnsial lines and curves, it yells aggression from afar. Showing a dark matte black finish the Karlmann King is nothing to play around with.

Photo Courtesy of Karlmann King

Now, you must be wondering if that’s the outside is the inside rugged and military inspired. Well, A bulletproof exterior is to come to the vehicle in the near future but the interior is an otherworldly utopia. Only sitting four passengers may sound like an inconvenience but there is nothing but royal amenities in this King. The back seats are surrounded in a dome for privacy that gives the passenger the feeling of being at a private luxury living room or hotel. The seats wrapped in leather are completely reclinable and offer a variety of massaging features to allow the two passengers to destress. In front is a 45″ flat screen TV with a connect Playstation for those moments you want to see who could win in a game-off. Directly next to the TV are four gold champagne flutes that readily available with just an extension of your arm. Looking to the roof is a feature directly from the top-luxury brand of Rolls-Royce. A sea of diamonds lay across led lighting to offer a pleasing show of colors that play in unison with a 360 surround sound speaker system.

Photo Courtesy of Karlmann King

The front seats are built with the driver in mind as it controls the basic functions of the rear dome enclosure. The seats are beautifully diamond-stitched and the windows are divided to allow maximum visibility. Powering this King is a 6.8 l V10 engine that can produce over 360 horsepower and 427 lbf of torque, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that allows the Ford F550 inspired chassis to reach 87mph.

Photo By Ken Cook

So who is this car for? With a price tag of 1.8million, it is not for every consumer however, we live in a day and age where security is an important part of daily living. Those who have the money for a secured vehicle, look no further as the King has taken the thrown. Celebrities, Politicians, business leaders alike will benefit from the armored utility and combination of luxury the Karlmann king has to offer.

We invite you to look on their website to see just how capable this new vehicle is.

Check out our video highlights of the Kalrmann King In our recent video at 12:40

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