Photo Courtesy of Monmouth County

Little Silver Carolyn Kossack Ed.D Named Monmouth County Superintendent of the Year

Monmouth County has some of the best educators in the State of New Jersey. Behind every great school system is a dedicated superintendent works to achieve great things within all the individuals in their district.

This year the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders congratulated Carolyn Kossack, Ed.D from the Little Silver School District. Achieving a “Master Board of Certification” for Little Silver was not only a remarkable accomplishment but after countless hours of professional development, Little Silver ranks among the highest test scores in New Jersey under Dr. Kossack’s direction.

Dr. Kossacks’s career has influenced the teachers, students, and the community. Her strong leadership has allowed the school district to blossom by succeeding in the goals they put into motion.

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