Make It A Hurricane: Roger “Hurricane” Wilson

The Bayshore area of New Jersey is filled with a rich history from it’s glorious views to its famous individuals. One of those individuals is Roger “Hurricane” Wilson who grew up in the town of Keansburg and is best known for his incredible mastery of music.

Roger, who has been touring throughout the country is making his trip back home this week. His first performance will be at the historic Mcdonagh’s Pub in Keyport, NJ on Thursday, Aug 8 at 5pm-9pm. There he will be playing some originals pieces highlighting his latest songs including “Coming Home to Keansburg”

“Coming Home to Keansburg” made it’s debut at the Keansburg Centinena this past October. The music illustrates the love Roger has for his hometown.

While Roger is in town he will be adding some history back into the town of Keansburg. He will be bringing old historic photographs to the museum all to enjoy and he will be meeting up with local historian John Schneider to discuss what is to come in the future.

Be sure to check back in later to see video highlights of his performance Thursday night in Keyport

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