World-renowned Marta Vieira da Silva of Brazil, who has widely been regarded as the best female soccer player of all time, will accept the 2019 Wilma Rudolph Courage Award at the 40th Annual Salute to Women in Sports on Oct. 16 in New York City. 

On the field, Marta recently solidified her dominance at the 2019 Women’s World Cup by becoming the first soccer player (male or female) to score at five different FIFA World Cups as well as the most decorated player (male or female) in FIFA World Cup history.

Born in Brazil in 1986 and growing up in a poor family, Marta played street soccer without shoes and was often shunned by the boys she could outplay. Inspired by her mother’s work ethic and humility, she found her strength to keep going when she was banned from her first all-boys team in her hometown of Dois Riachos, even after being recognized for her skill as one of the top players. Her journey led her to the European championships, World Cups, and the Olympics to play in front of tens of thousands of people.

Today, Marta is UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for women and girls in sports and a UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. She shares her story of courage with as many girls as possible to empower them to work towards their own goals.

Celebrate Marta along with the top women in sport and the girls they inspire at the 40th Annual Salute to Women in Sports.

Photo Courtesy from Women’s Sports Foundation

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