Mater Dei Prep Football Family Are Heading To The Finals After Successful Win Against RBC

The rematch of the season, Red Bank Catholic vs Mater Dei Prep. Two teams that have stopped at nothing to achieve greatness. Fans from both sides filled the stands at Count Basie Park to witness history for two historic teams.

Red Bank Catholic was first to receive the ball but the Seraphs were quick to respond on defense. The battle on the field was like the calm before the storm as the ball switched possession several times throughout the first quarter. However both sides were matching each other’s movements preventing the ball to make it into an end zone.

Going into the second quarter Mater Dei Prep switched into high gear with a strong offense. Quarterback Alex Brown connected his passes with precision and Malik Ingram powered through the Caseys defense. RBC was not out of the fight as they held the Seraphs from the end zone forcing the team to kick a field goal. The Seraphs were on the board 3-0 at the end of the first half. 

Last season the Caseys and Seraphs met in the final round of the NJSIAA State playoffs were Red Bank Catholic prevailed. Now a year later Mater Dei Prep was excited to achieve another opportunity for a chance to not only grab the championship but to take down their Shore counterpart.  The third quarter opened with Mater Dei getting the ball. The Seraphs put the pressure on the Caseys but those RBC players held their ground every yard.

Ultimately Malik Ingram forced himself through the defense for the first and only touchdown of the game. The Seraph fans exploded with cheer as the team they love so much was creating a gap the Caseys wouldn’t be able to close. A moment of hope shinned on the Caseys as they made a successful Field Goal.  The Caseys special team have always been dynamic. They get the job done and they get it done right.  Coach Keith Huggar from the Caseys coordinates the special teams operation with precision.

Going into the fourth quarter the Seraphs were backed into a corner after a faulty snap to Alex brown but a great kick by Richie Pekmezian got the ball away from the end zone. The Caseys were forced to speed up as the clock ran.  The Seraph defense was on point and reacted to the many plays RBC threw their way.  Seraph Tajay Passmore charged the quarterback and retrieved the ball for the Seraphs. Each move was aggressive as the players searched for the ball. 

Both teams are produce some of the best players that New Jersey has to offer but it was Mater Dei Prep who came out victorious with a final score 10-3.  The Seraphs had claimed victory and accomplished what they set out to do. The players charged the field with joy and celebration that could not be contained. Hugs, jumps, cheers were all over the field.  The Seraphs play together and they win together every member of that team is a family. Now that family will take their next adventure in the final round of the NJSIAA State Playoffs.

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