Mater Dei Prep Softball Developing Seraph Strength

With a respectful 7-5 record, we take a look at the Seraph strength in Mater Dei Prep’s Softball team. The Seraphs are coached by Tyler LaVine who is building the team up with teamwork and skill.

The team is comprised of 19 players who are ready to play every time they step onto the field. Three of the players are seniors in the class of 2019

Morgan Hurst #16 has been with the program for all four years. Playing as the pitcher she has gained popularity in the Shore Conference with her impressive strikeouts and limited walks.

Callan Laux #14 has been with the program for two years. Her passion for the sport is clearly seen through the eyes of the fans when her fast action in the left field gets an out.

Caleigh Kehoe is the backbone of the team bringing the inspiration, spirit, and support as the loyal team manager.

The Seraphs started off the season with two losses to Keyport but quickly rebounded with a striking victory against Henry Hudson Regional 26-12 that was followed up by another win against Long Branch 15-10. The Seraphs kept flying higher as they took another win against Keansburg 14-8.

With big wins under their belt, the Seraphs stepped up to their next challenge, Asbury Park. After an excellent first inning, the Seraphs had accumulated 12 points on the scoreboard. Working into the second the score was raised to 15-0 as Mater Dei Prep claimed their first shut-out of the season.

With team adding more wins to their season the focus is now shifting to SCT Championships and States as we enter into the month of May.

Stay tuned to see how they progress in the remainder of the season.

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