Middletown Celebrates Ground-Breaking Of New Town Hall

Middletown, New Jersey is one of the largest townships in Monmouth County. Holding not only thousands of residents but also holding very rich history for New Jersey. In 2009- 2010 the Middletown committee members had the vision to bring the Middletown Complex into the 21st century. That vision starts today as the town officials, committee members, freeholders, police, fire department, and others gathered to break ground for the new Middletown Town Hall.

Photo By Ken Cook

Tony Mercantante, Township Administrator Called it a “Smart Project”. He also mentioned his happiness for the plans and the partnership with Brandywine. “They will be building a working environment the workers and community deserves”.

Photo By Ken Cook
Photo By Ken Cook

Tony Fiore also mentioned about the dedicated process that took place from everyone to get the job done right. They had to first find the right time to have the least amount of impact on the taxpayers. Thankfully the construction will not be decreasing any services. Calling it a “winning deal” Fiore is protecting the taxpayers and can’t wait to see the new facility in 18-24 months.

The Brandywine President Eric Moore also expressed his love for the new partnership. He also mentioned the many meeting they had to get it right for the town. Tom Arone also added his enthusiasm for the town hall calling it a “Homerun for Middletown”

Photo By Ken Cook

This 72,000 square foot hall with be a beacon for not only the great police department but for the court and the residents. “Our new town hall will provide to our 68,000 residents a place to be proud of, a place to their investment, a place leaders of the future will continue to build on the progress we have made,” said Mayor Tony Perry.

Photo By Ken Cook

Watch the video above to see the ceremony and the groundbreaking that will act as a historic and proud day for Middletown and Monmouth County.

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