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Middletown South Football Ignites Power Against Rival Red Bank Catholic

The Middletown South and Red Bank Catholic rivalry within the Shore Conference always seem to be underrepresented when it comes to (Big Team) clashes. Both teams have a longstanding history for being one of the toughest teams to face in NJ, alongside both of which holding several state title victories. However, The RBC vs RFH (Rumson Fair-Haven) and the Middletown South vs Middletown North games seem to outshine what is a exciting mashup for two top tier teams to prove who is stronger in the season. Since this year has been hit hard by the restrictions due to COVID-19 the two teams were actively eager to face-off as the possibility of it being their last game.

Middletown South had just come off a loss to Long Branch to start off the season last week as RBC was celebrating a well earned victory over Mater Dei Prep. Red Bank Catholic was ranked No.16 in the state so hard not see how they started off the season with a win.

Photo By Ken Cook

Middletown South was first to receive the ball and quickly wasted no time in putting down some fierce power to the field as #9 went for a 32-yard field goal that brought the score 3-0. This was just the icing on the cake for the Eagles as those first few points ignited a 17-0 first quarter for the Eagles. An Impressive fumble recovery by #2 Kyle Smith was to thank for lighting that spark. This was followed by Kyle Smith returning to the endzone for another touchdown for the Eagles.

Red Bank Catholic was not sitting down and attacked back for the second quarter as #24 Sabino Portella flew into the Eagles endzone to bring the score 17-7. Middletown answered the call as Gavin Goldbaum rushed for another South touchdown. The first half ended with South standing strong with 25-7.

RBC didn’t become No.16 for no reason, though South had the lead, the second half of the game was all about the Caseys. Back to back touchdowns were achieved by #13 Najih Rahman and Savino Portella in the third quarter. The Caseys have always been a battling team with a great special teams that can trip up the otherside on multiple occasion.

Photo By Ken Cook

The Fourth quarter was were we see the rivalry between the two teams as the score gap became narrower. With a 22-25 score to start the final quarter both teams stepped into the high gear with great plays that definitely the work being able to practice throughout September.

The Eagles stepped up and broke the iron gates that was the RBC defense and scored thanks to Kyle Smith who was defiantly the player of the game. The Caseys tried to counter but was only able to shoot a 25-yard field kick to bring the final score 32-25.

The two teams will now go on to play the rest of the season and if all goes as planned they may even have the ability to face off again in November. Until then the unspoken rivalry lives on in next year’s season.

Photo By Ken Cook

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