Monmouth County Honors Fallen Firefighters With Beautiful Tribute

Monmouth County is home to many famous historians and stars over the years but without the brave men and women who valiantly take command in the face of danger, our history would be lost.

The firefighters of New Jersey volunteer their time and dedicate their lives to the safety of others without a second thought. To honor those brave men and women Monmouth County held a remembrance ceremony for those who have fallen in the county. 

The ceremony was held at the Monmouth County Fire Academy. Monmouth Counties Board of Chosen Freeholders, township firefighters, their families, and other first responders to honor the 50 firefighters. 

“We are here today to honor those who have gone above and beyond what is already an extreme call of duty and to celebrate their acts of courage,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Pat Impreveduto, liaison to the Fire Marshal and Fire Academy. 

The ceremony allowed those in attendance to honor but also show respect for the fallen. A wreath was placed in the respected company of the fallen. A bell was rung for each name that was individually called followed by a red carnation being place aside the American Flag. A salute was given by firefighters and family members.  

We here at The Essential News would thank every member of the fire department, Police Department, EMS, and other law enforcement teams that protect us every day.  

Below is the list of the fallen firefighters. 

Medal of Valor Class II

Firefighter Scott Eack – Hazlet Fire Company

Unit Citation

Union Beach Fire Department

Ex-Chief Ronald Burkhardt Jr.

Ex-Chief Joseph Rice

Firefighter Mark Steidle

Firefighter Michael Rapcavage

Firefighter Nicholas Murray

Firefighter Frank Pinto

Firefighter Dylan Stoppiello

Matawan Boro Fire Department

Captain James Archilbald

Lieutenant Brian Kopf

Firefighter Jessica Michitsch

South Wall Fire Rescue, Fire District #3

Chief Thomas Wade

Deputy Chief Tim Hobbis

Captain Casey Larrison

Lieutenant Christopher Tamayo

Lieutenant Michael Fischer

Lieutenant Thomas Lisowski

Firefighter Alex Burke

Firefighter Edward Clark

Firefighter Andrew Cotta

Firefighter Mark Daugherty

Firefighter Cash Dosby

Firefighter Joel Elmer

Firefighter Donald Green

Firefighter Paul Grosso

Firefighter Steven Hall

Firefighter Zach Hauge

Firefighter Brian Larrison

Firefighter Michael Lauber

Firefighter John Levinski

Firefighter Zuri Malick

Firefighter Daniel O’Henery

Firefighter Eric Olsen

Firefighter Richard Paine

Firefighter Mark Pellecchia

Firefighter Mark Pellecchia Jr

Firefighter Robert Spalitta

Firefighter Zak Sussman

Firefighter Ralph Tancredi

Firefighter Donald Witlowski

Firefighter Jarrod Rubin

Firefighter Peter Goetz

Certificate of Recognition

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division

9-1-1 Communication Center – Public Safety Telecommunicators

Fire Prevention Inspector of the Year 2019

Ryan Dullea, Fire Official – Belmar/Lake Como/Spring Lake/Spring Lake Heights

Photo Courtesy of Monmouth County

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