Monmouth Football Takes Down Long-Time Rival Kennesaw State

The Monmouth Hawks have reached soaring heights this season with large wins in the Big South Conference but one team for the past has forced the team to pull out all their efforts. Kennesaw State.

Before facing Kennesaw the Hawks are running on a four-game win streak with the Hawks dominating the other teams. Their game against Presbyterian was an amazing shut-out game with Monmouth scoring 45 points.

Since 2015 the Hawks have faced Kennesaw and for four years the team has been rivaled force for the Hawks. The game opened up with Monmouth advancing up the field by 70 yards but was ultimately forced to make a field goal that put three points on the board for the Hawks. Kennesaw pushed through the strong defense of the Hawks taking inch by inch at a time until they were at the two-yard mark where Tommy Bryant scored a successful touchdown.

The second quarter was a different game as Devell Jones scored two consecutive touchdowns for the Hawks. The offense worked like a power plant supplying strong energy plays that broke consistently through Kennesaw’s defense. Monmouth continued to advance in the second quarter with two more touchdowns by Pete Guerriero and a remarkable interception by Tymere Berry. The Hawks had halted Kennesaw from getting near the endzone as they ended the first half with score 31-7.

After a performance by the Monmouth hawks dance and cheer teams, the Football players were energized for another round of battle as the victory was set in. The Hawks didn’t miss a step for the third quarter as Kenji Bahar connected a 92-yard pass to Zack Tredway who scored another touchdown for the Hawks. Bahar was not only excelling as a quarterback but followed soon after with a touchdown as he ran 65-yards into Kennesaw territory. Kennesaw finally was able to make it back to the endzone for a touchdown by Shaquil Terry.

The fourth quarter confirmed Monmouth has improved far beyond this season with only letting in one touchdown for Kennesaw. The Hawks took home a victory they have been working hard the past four years to accomplish. With a final score of 45-21 the Hawks proved yet again they are a strong team that can perform at the high level in the Big South. The Hawks will now go on to play another big team, North Alabama.

Championship season is quickly approaching and the hawks are looking like a serious contender for this year

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