Monmouth Football Takes Down UAlbany In Overtime

The Hawks football team is taking down team after team to showcase a powerhouse that mat not be stopped in time for the conference season.

The Hawks took a big win against Layfatette last week to celebrate their home opener. Lonnie Moore IV and Pete Guerriero both struck career highs during the game that proved how the Hawks are always pushing to get better. Monmouth’s players are not only in great shape for the season but are also making strong strides in the Big South Conference. Kenji Bahar has been making a name since the pre-season and he is keeping up with his reputation.

Photo By Ken Cook

Now the team sets its sights on another home game against Albany. Each game at Monmouth University feels like a professional College game. The large new stadium where the cheers of the fans are echoed throughout Long Branch to the positive sideline vibes the whole experience draws you into the game more and more.

The first quarter was lead off by Guerriero who took the first touchdown for the game with a full 26-yard run. Monmouth didn’t slow down the momentum as Matt Mosquera scored a 3pt extra point to bring the Hawks 10-0. Mosquera was back again for the Hawks with another extra point pushing Monmouth further. If you thought the Hawks were done for the first half you would be wrong as Bahar fired a 39-yard pass that connected to Greene for another touchdown bringing the score 21-0. Albany finally responded with two consecutive touchdowns from Juwan Green. The first half ended 21-14.

Photo By Ken Cook

The third quarter was a tie as both teams scored but the fourth quarter opened-up the fire that fueled another great game at Kessler Stadium. With the score now tied 28-28 after Albany’s Juwan Green caught a flying 32-yard pass. With only 11:02 left in the game and Monmouth in possession of the ball, the fans watched as the tensions grew on the field. In no time Lonnie Moore caught a 32-yard pass and sprinted to the endzone. The Hawks had taken the lead 35-28.

With four seconds left and victory within sight for Monmouth, Albany’s Jerah Reeves caught a short 21-yard pass and ran to tie up the game. Here starts Overtime!

Wasting no time in four quick plays Monmouth’s Matt Mosquera got the job done with a 25-yard field goal. Monmouth now with two wins under their belt celebrates a well-earned victory.

The Hawks are pushing through the season like a boulder that can’t be stopped. Their next game will bring them to Montana. Stay tuned to see how the Hawks take home another expected victory.

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