Monmouth Men’s Basketball Shooting Power Overwhelms Sienna

The Hawks three-point baskets were flying in the net yesterday January 31, 2019, as they made 63.6% or 7-11 of their shots. Monmouth also made 59.4% of their free throw shots that helped lead Monmouth to victory over Sienna.

Monmouth started off with Deion Hammond, Diago Quinn, Nick Rutherford, Mustapha Traore, and Marcus McClary. Sienna started with Sloan Seymour, Evan Fisher, Jalen Pickett, Georges Darwiche, Kevin Degnan. The players stepped on to the court but Monmouth was ready to take control of the game from the start. Pickett was first to put points up on the board for Sienna but immediately after Traore came up with a great jump shot at the net. Sienna made two back-to-back shots nut Quinn stepped up with a layup to the hoop. A foul was called on Degnan giving Traore a free throw Sienna was still applying the pressure with a 3Pt basket by Pickett that he followed up with a layup down the court. Then Monmouth soared in with four shots at the basket to bring down the deficit. Sienna was still fighting hard bringing the score to 14-12 at the half of the first half. Then like lighting the Hawks came down with blow after blow shot after shot till the end of the half brought the hawks in the lead by one point thanks to a free throw shot by Quinn.

Monmouth was still in the game and focused on the win. Deion Hammond started the second half off right for Monmouth launching a 3Pt basket that he followed with another 3Pt basket. Seymour also launched a deep 3Pt basket for Sienna but a foul on Kadeem Smithen gave Hammond two good free throws and Rutherford went in for a layup through the Sienna defense. The two were in an all-out battle on the court with both sides giving it their all. However, it was Monmouth that stepped up with great shots at the basket. Hammond was the lead shooter for the game with 16Pts followed close behind was Pillari and Quinn who tied with ten points.

The shooting power of Monmouth was incredible. The Hawks won 66-55. Now they will take those skills to their toughest opponent yet, Rider who is number one in the MAAC. The game is tomorrow at the OceanFirt Bank Center and it is expected to be a great match-up.

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