New Jersey Hall Of Fame To Be Featured On Jeopardy

Let’s play everyone’s favorite game show, New Jersey style. That’s right New Jersey on Friday, February 8, 2019, the 35-year long game show, Jeopardy. The game show will feature five clues in regards to the NJHOF. (New Jersey Hall Of Fame)

The New Jersey Hall Of Fame has been growing for years as it honors the talent that New Jersey has sculpted over the years. Now the NJHOF will be on the big screen.

The NJHOF has had a positive year as it broke ground for its new permanent museum on September 9, 2018, in East Rutherford on the lower level of the American Dream Complex. The museum will cover 16,000 square feet and will feature some futuristic upgrades as well. These upgrades will include virtual reality and holographic theater that will surround the viewer in a unique experience. The museum is planned to open summer 2020.

The NJHOF will also be naming its incoming class of inductees in late February 2019, The 11th annual induction will be in September 2019.

Will you be watching this Friday? Are you excited about the new museum? Do you have any ideas on who will be inducted in? Stay tuned with The Essential News.

Photo Courtesy of NJHOF

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