New Jersey’s Super Pet Expo Was The Pawtastic Event Of The Year

Furry friends of all kinds flocked to Raritan Center Expo Center this weekend for New Jersey’s largest pet shopping extravaganza. Loving pet owners entered the exhibition floor that showcased everything imaginable from pet-friendly mobile apps to tasty treats to training workshops.

The full experience of the expo was filled with a large variety of vendors that displayed “Pawtastic” items for all pets. One of these vendors was Hector Ocasio inventor of a new mobile application that allowed pet owners to have a sense of security while traveling with their animal companion. Pet Connect is a free mobile app that will bring you animal-related resources right to your phones such as local animal hospitals and groomers. Check out the video below as Hector shares the apps positivity.

Photo By Ken Cook

Looking to style your pet to the latest fashion trends? The Super Pet Expo had you covered with amazing and unique combinations of clothing for all kinds of pets. One of the standout vendors was Mitzy Moore of Critter Fitters. Her company specializes in handmade apparel for hamsters and guinea pigs. The options were endless from crowns and tiaras to little sweaters that can keep your little critter nice and cozy. Check out the video below as Mitzy and Flo talk in detail of their quality creations.

It was called the Super Pet Expo for a reason as an added bouns owners could bring their best friends along with them to walk around the convention center floor. Every bread of dog and cat could be seen enjoying the excitement with their owners but some owners had some animal friends that were truly unexpected to see. One of those extraordinary friends was a pig named Hamlet who is a social media icon (Hammy_the_Pig on Instagram) who loves to show off his cuteness to all the spectators. Not only was this little piggy adorable but he was super friendly with the other pets especially when an unexpected visitor came next to his carrier.

Photo By Ken Cook

Looking to say “hi” with a beautiful aroma was a skunk. sitting in a carrier was a beautiful black and white Pepe Le Pew. The owner mentioned that he was “disarmed,” which is a process that involves usually having their musk or scent glands removed surgically at an early age. Many people have heard of the friendship of the Fox and the Hound well this was the Pig and the Skunk as the two interacted with each other.

Later in the day, our team came across another owner who had not one, not two, but three skunks that ranged in a variety of styles from the traditional black and white to all white.

Photo By Ken Cook

Just outside of the great vendors the expo had workshops set up that showed training exercises and spectacular trick shows. One of these shows was the Marvelous Mutts. This Spectacle has competed on ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games and The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. The founders Kara Gilmore and Nadja Palenzuela lead in training, competing and performing with dogs in agility, dock diving, and canine disc. The crowd was in awe as their agility challenges were performed with incredible precision. The canine disc was another event that was all around fun for the owners and pets watching. See the video below to see how these dogs performed with amazing skill.

This show was filled with tons of excitement around every turn. If you missed the show don’t worry as they will be having another show in Chantilly, VA on March 15-17, 2019. Otherwise, check out the to learn more and set your calendars for next year.

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