NJ Football Teams Are Making A Positive Impact For The Community

A community that stands together, succeeds together. The Bayshore community is among one of the best here in the Garden State with locals consistently contributing to the well-being of their townships.

Keansburg is a rising hot-spot well known for having some of the cleanest beaches in New Jersey. The town has been working hard for almost 13 years managing and organizing frequent beach clean-ups that allow the community to enjoy a fun, free, and clean beach experience.

Photo By Ken Cook

Three years ago the organizers of the beach clean-up Paul Coughlin, Holly Schult, Arthur Boden, Ann Commarado, and Robert & Laura Scifo inspired the local high school football players to come out and make a positive difference.

Photo By Ken Cook

Also joining the clean-up was Cliff Moore who is the Head of Economic and Community Development. He spoke with the players thanking them for their dedication and talked about the importance of a strong community.

Holmdel, Raritan, Keansburg, Keyport, Rumson-Fair Haven, Middletown North, Saint John Vianney, and Mater Dei Prep all participated in the clean-up.

Photo by Ken Cook

The players grabbed a few bags, some gloves, a shirt courtesy of Bayshore Community Bank and got to work. Within an hour or two the bags were piled up for disposal and the beach is looking like a great place to start celebrating the summer weather.

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  1. I think it’s important to let everyone know, even though there was a few Keansburg Titans players, make to mistake about it, had they not been working they would have been there. Our boys have tried to be there for every clean up. Love my little town ❤️!

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