NJ Football Teams Are Making A Positive Impact For The Community

A community that stands together, succeeds together. The Bayshore community is among one of the best here in the Garden State with locals consistently contributing to the well-being of their townships.

Keansburg is a rising hot-spot well known for having some of the cleanest beaches in New Jersey. The town has been working hard for almost 13 years managing and organizing frequent beach clean-ups that allow the community to enjoy a fun, free, and clean beach experience.

Photo By Ken Cook

Three years ago the organizers of the beach clean-up Paul Coughlin, Holly Schult, Arthur Boden, Ann Commarado, and Robert & Laura Scifo inspired the local high school football players to come out and make a positive difference.

Photo By Ken Cook

Also joining the clean-up was Cliff Moore who is the Head of Economic and Community Development. He spoke with the players thanking them for their dedication and talked about the importance of a strong community.

Holmdel, Raritan, Keansburg, Keyport, Rumson-Fair Haven, Middletown North, Saint John Vianney, and Mater Dei Prep all participated in the clean-up.

Photo by Ken Cook

The players grabbed a few bags, some gloves, a shirt courtesy of Bayshore Community Bank and got to work. Within an hour or two the bags were piled up for disposal and the beach is looking like a great place to start celebrating the summer weather.

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