Rutger’s Men’s Basketball Defeats Indiana With Strong Second Half

The Scarlet Knights men’s basketball team has had a good conference season so far but they are looking for a big win in a very important game against Indiana who is tied with them in ninth in the Big Ten. Now the two teams meet on the court and what a game they played.

Rutgers started with Geo Baker, Eugene Omoruyi, Ron Harper, Montez Mathis, and Shaquille Doorsoon. Indiana opened up with Romeo Langford, Juwan Morgan, Aljami Durham, Justin Smith, and Rob Phinisee. Both sides have great players with a lot of skill that has been seen throughout the season.

Rutgers was first to capture the ball during the tip-off but it was turned over by Baker thanks to a steal by Phinisee. That steal led Smith to the basket for a good layup. Then, Rutgers showed off their strong side with a deep 3Pt basket by Harper assisted by Omoruyi. Coming back quick was Morgan for Indiana with a good layup to put the team back in the lead. The court was on fire as Langford steals the ball from Durham but Phinisee missed the 3Pt basket. Omoruyi recovered the rebound and sent it off to Mathis but a good block by Langford gave the ball back to Indiana. Langford went to the basket with a layup but was fouled giving Omoruyi two great free throw shots, Indiana recovered those points with Phinisee firing a 3Pt basket.

An almost three-minute-long drought hit the court until Indiana made two back-to-back shots by Langford. Rutgers fired up with Baker shooting a 3pt basket at the net. A foul was then called on Myles Johnson giving Smith one good free throw. Indiana was relentless with another 3Pt basket by Langford but now it was time for Rutgers to catch-up. Shaq Carter flew to the basket for Rutgers immediately followed by Caleb McConnell jumping to the hoop making the score 16-12 at the half of the first half.

Indiana stepped up their game with another 3Pt basket by Juwan Morgan and jump by Aljami Durham. Rutgers wasn’t done yet as the two teams went Pt basket back to with Doorson jumping to the net then Morgan for Indiana making a good layup. Rutgers followed with a free throw thanks to a foul on Smith but soon a foul was given to Carter giving Clifton Moore two free throws. Omoruyi came passed Indiana’s defense with a strong layup but Indiana rebounded with a jump by Durham.

With five minutes left in the first half Rutger’s Carter breaks away with the ball and slams down a dunk into the net. only a minute later Ron Harper goes through the defense and lays down another dunk for Rutgers. Harper had the last play of the half with a 3Pt shot fired at the basket giving Indiana the lead by 1pt 29-28.

Now was the time for Rutgers to take control of the game. Rutgers opened up the second half with a wild blaze of six consecutive shots at the basket giving the Scarlet Knights a 12Pt lead within the first six minutes. Indiana was completely locked out until 14:29 when Langford was able to make a 3Pt basket. Rutgers was back at it again with two layups and a free throw shot by Carter and Kiss. Indiana was fighting hard on the court to recover as Smith made two back-to-back layups but Johnson for Rutgers goes up with a jump shot. Morgan matched the jump but Harper was behind with another high jump shot.

The two went back and forth with great shots but Rutgers intense beginning made its mark on the final score of 66-58. Rutgers now is moved up to eighth place and they will go on to face Ohio State who is following right behind in the Big Ten.

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