Seton Hall Men’s Basketball Displays High Energy Against Creighton

With a good Bye Week under their belt, Seton Hall Men’s Basketball was well rested and ready to step on to the court with skill and strength against the Bluejays of Creighton.

Starting for the Pirates was Myles Powell, Quincy McKnight, Myles Cale, Michael Nzei, and Sandro Mamukelashvili. Starting for the Bluejays are Martin Krampelj, Ty-Shoon Alexander, Kaleb Joesph, Davion Mintz, and Mitch Ballock.

Entering onto the court at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersy both sides were ready to fight for the win as the crowds of fans cheered on their teams. Sandro met in the middle for the tipoff where he captured the ball and fired it to the net assisted by McKnight. Seton Hall made an impressive first mark in the game with Sandro’s 3Pt basket. The Pirate defense was also on point as Krampelj turned the ball over to Powell who stole the ball, but Krampelj returned, taking back possession. Krampelj went in for a good layup at the basket to put the first points on the board for Creighton. Crieghton got possession of the ball for a short moment thanks to a missed jump by Joseph that Nzei rebounded and took to the net for a great jump shot. Seton Hall continued their offensive pressure as Sandro rebounded the ball from a missed layup by McKnight that he returned back to the net. A foul followed on Joesph that gave Sandro a great free throw opportunity. Creighton’s Krampelj made a strong 3Pt shot but three back-to-back layups on Seton Hall side gave the Pirates a nine-point lead within the first five minutes of the game.

Samson Froling came through with assistance by Ballock to make a good layup for the Bluejays, Creighton was ready to go on the offensive. Sure Enough, Krampelj broke through the Pirates defense to slam the ball into the hoop. Krampelj was on a roll as he returned back to the net after a good steal by Ballock for a good layup. Finally, Creighton had caught up to the Pirates thanks to a foul on Powell that gave Krampel two good free throws. The Bluejays took over the game at 10:27 as a good jump by Connor Cashaw made the score 15-14. Seton Hall wanted to take back the lead and found the perfect opportunity when a foul was called on Davion Mintz gave McKnight two free throw shots. Another foul was called soon after on Krampelj that extended the Pirates lead as Nzei made a good free throw under pressure. Mcknight followed up close by with a layup in the paint to ensure the Pirates stay ahead. A foul was called on Gill Romaro that gave Christian Bishop two free throws and was followed by another foul on McKnight giving Joesph one free throw. Creighton was close to switching the tides again but Powell went deep for a great 3Pt basket and secured that lead thanks to a good free throw by Powell due to a foul on Alexander.

Joseph looked to bridge the gap with a deep 3Pt basket but Nzei was there with a rebound off the shot and went in for a good layup. The Bluejays were relentless in their offensive fight as Krampelj shot another 3Pt basket. Powell was the king of three-pointers as he fired a great 3Pt in the hoop. A foul was then called on Anthony Nelson giving a free throw shot to Creighton. As the clock reached the two-minute mark Bishop came past the defense and dunked the ball in the basket, he followed up with a good layup that gave control of the game to the Bluejays. With just over a minute left in the first half, Rhoden made a 3Pt basket reclaiming the lead for the Pirates. Seton Hall remained ahead with a score of 31-29 to end the half.

Creighton was playing closely behind the Pirates but Cale quickly went on the offensive to begin the second half as he shot a great 3Pt basket assisted by Powell. The Pirates weren’t slowing down as Shavar Reynolds fired another strong 3Pt basket then Cale was back at the hoop for a good layup. Seton Hall had created a 12Pt deficit thanks to a follow-up basket by Nzei to make the score 41-29 at 15:20. Krampelj was finally able to put the first points on the board for the Bluejays in the second half with a good 3Pt basket. Krampelj continued on offense with a good layup and Alexander and Krampelj both made good shots at the net to bring the score 41-39 with Seton Hall still in the lead by two.

The two teams fought back and forth at 11:07 as Cale fired a 3Pt basket that Kramplej answered with a crowd-pleasing dunk. Mcknight went right back to the net for a good jump shot but Alexander returned with a deep 3Pt shot. The score was finally tied at 9:29 when Bishop made a jump in the paint. Joseph and Bishop helped take the lead for Creighton but Mcknight went down the court for the Pirates and slammed the ball in the net. Creighton remained in the lead up until the final minute of the game where the score tied thanks to three good free throws by Powell that gave Seton Hall back the lead. Alexander took back the lead immediately thanks to two good free throws for the Bluejays but Powell took the ball to the hoop to take back that lead. A foul on Mintz gave Powell two more free throws and a foul on Krampelj gave him two more to capture the win within the last five seconds of the game.

Seton Hall came through strong in the game and stayed focus throughout the entire series. The Pirates will now go on to face Georgetown on Wedsnday that they will use their impressive skills to capture another win.

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