Seton Hall Men’s Basketball Plays Strong Against Providence

The Pirates of Seton Hall have made an impact on this year’s Big East Conference with impressive wins, like their game against an undefeated St.Johns and strong dedicated players such as Myles Powell, Myles Cale, and Sandro Mamukelashvili. Now the Pirates are looking to continue making an impact as they stepped on to the court against Providence on January 30, 2019.

With nine lead changes, six ties and both teams totaling a combined 143 shots at the basket, this game was filled nothing but excitement. Starting off for Seton Hall was Myles Powell, Myles Cale, Sandro Mamukelashvili, Michael Nzei, and Quincy McKnight. As for Providence, they started with a good line up of Alpha Diallo, David Duke, Nate Watson, Maliek White, and Jimmy Nicholas Jr.

These skilled athletes met in the middle of the court for the tip-off where Seton Hall claimed the ball first but it was turned over allowing Diallo to make the first shot for Providence. However, the Pirates came back quickly thanks to a foul on Watson giving Nzei two free throws. Seton Hall has demonstrated a strong shooting ability and this game they averaged 80% of their free throw shots. With scored tied within the first minute of gameplay Providence’s Kalif Young shot up for a good basket assisted by Diallo. After a turnover on Nzei, a foul was placed on Diallo giving the possession of the ball back to the Pirates, allowing Nzei to go in for a good layup.

Powell stepped up the heat with a steal from Nicholas Jr. followed up with a fast break through the Providence defense to give the lead back to the Pirates. Just then the score was tied with Young going in for a good layup at the net. Though there was a foul called after the play on Nicholas Jr. giving Nzei two free throws and keeping the Pirates in the lead. The court was then hit with a scoring drought as the teams were unable to make a successful shot for three minutes. This ended when Providence tied the game with Isaiah Jackson jumping up for a good shot. Jackson was on a roll as he then fired a 3Pt basket giving Providence the lead 11-8.

With just a little over eleven minutes left in the first half, Powell found an opening to jump up for a good shot at the net and thanks to a follow-up shot by Mcknight Seton Hall was back in the lead with the score 12-11. The Pirates didn’t let up as Taurean Thompson attacked the net with a strong layup in the paint. A.J. Reeves shot a 3Pt basket but missed giving Powell the chance to make a defensive rebound but a foul was called on Drew Edwards that gave Powell two good free throws. Providence was able to get two free throws thanks to a foul on Sandro.

Seton Hall was still pushing forward as McKnight and Thompson both went to the net back-to-back. Diallo was able to get a layup in but a foul on Ashton-Langford gave two free throws to Powell. Myles followed up with a layup thanks to Nzei stealing the ball from Diallo. The Pirates had a nine-point lead with just under five minutes left and Diallo went in for a layup and then made a good free throw. Another foul was immediately placed on the Hall giving Duke two free throw shots. That didn’t stop Powell from going to deep to fire a 3Pt basket. Diallo was looking to match Powell’s momentum with him firing a 3Pt basket but Powell was relentless as he rushed to the hoop for another layup. Powell ended the half with a good layup keeping the Pirates in the lead 34-27.

Seton Hall continued their first-half dominance into the begin of the second half with Nzei going down the court for a layup. Ashton-Langford was going strong with a 3Pt basket for Providence that immediately followed by a series of shots that gave Providence the lead by six points. Seton Hall fought back and forth with Providence with neither side giving up any ground until 8:21 when Powell went in for a layup to which he recaptured the lead with one of his signature deep 3Pt baskets. Thanks to a foul on Anthony Nelson, Watson was able to retake the lead but not for long as McKnight went in for a good layup then a good free throw. Powell really struck the wrath of a Pirate down on Providence with a serious dunk in the basket with only 1:47 left in the game. A foul on Sandro gave two free throws to Jackosn but it wasn’t enough to take control of the game.

Seton Hall now has another victory under their belt. The Pirates will go on to face Butler on Saturday, February 2, 2019, that will be a special Fox All-access game that will feed the comments of the coaches to you the viewers. The Pirates will return back to the Prudential Center on Feb 9 & 13 where they will face off against Creighton and Georgetown.

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