U.S. Army Change of Command

Living in the United States we are blessed with having some of the greatest armed forces in the world. These men and women dedicate their lives to upholding peace while following a code of unity, strength and tradition. This past week the U.S Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion showed a formal send off to one of their own Sgt. Hartman.

This farewell is know as a Change of Command Ceremony, a formal passing of responsibility, authority, and accountability of command from one leader to another. This ceremony not only was significant in value but the location at Monmouth Battlefield added to the history of the event.

For those who are not familiar of Monmouth Battlefield this is a short synopsis of the many events at this historic site. Located in Freehold, NJ the battlefield first gained its title in June 28 1778 where George Washington took on the British Army of over 20,000 men and completed one of largest battles of the American Revolution. This battle was also the birthplace of the famous woman icon Molly Pitcher who bravely took over a position of a cannon after the falling of her husband. Though the field is best known for its influence in the American Revolution it has also seen action during the American Civil War. Now it used as a gracious location for all to come and relive the history it holds.

The commanders being honored is Sgt. Hartman who has served for several years as the commander of the Mid Atlantic Battalion. His dedication has helped spread the knowledge of all the endless possibilities the U.S Army has to offer. He will now be leaving to his next journey with U.S Army continuing his amazing work. He will be greatly missed. As one door closes another opens as we welcome the new commanding officer Sgt. Le. Sgt. Le is honored to be takingĀ  over for Sgt. Hartman and is looking to continue the great accomplishments of the entire battalion.

Check out the 360 video experience below!


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