Women’s Sports Foundation Announces 2019 Travel & Training Fund Recipients

Where does it all begin? For some in their youth, for others, it was a short hobby. Sports has one of the greatest impacts on the world since biblical times where men and women would compete against one another for the chance to be number one. The one thing that stays true throughout the ages is the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that goes into training for the sport your passionate about.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is an organization started by the legendary Billie Jean King whose passion for sports helped create a world where women are treated equally in the sports environment as well as being looked upon as inspirational heroes. The WSF has started a Travel & Training Fund that goes towards helping and breaking down the financial barriers that can prevent a woman athlete from achieving her full potential.

Teaming up with WSF long-time sponsor, Gatorade the group was able to provide a number of recipients with a path to achieve their goals. Paralympic Canoe athlete Channing Cash will finally be able to purchase a boat that accommodates her specific modifications. The USA Climbing Women’s National Team will be able to cover additional World Cup tour competitions. Diver Laura Wilkinson will be able to pay for her trip to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Trials, while fencer Nzingha Prescod will fund her own 2020 Olympic dreams.  These are just a few major “wins” thanks to this fund.

A total of $75,000 was awarded across 15 sports for up-coming women athletes. This is the 2019 recipients!

Victoria Anthony, Wrestling

Channing Cash, Paralympic Canoeing

Kendra Chambers, Track & Field

Kelly Curtis, Skeleton

Amy Dixon, Paralympic Triathlon

Tricia Downing, Paralympic Shooting

Jenna Fesemyer, Paralympic Track & Field

Chloe Kirkpatrick, Sled Hockey

Alexa Knierim, Figure Skating

Mikiah Kreps, Boxing

Rebecca Mann, Swimming

Nzingha Prescod, Fencing

Allie Reilly, Paralympic Rowing

Allysa Seely, Paralympic Triathlon

Pratima Sherpa, Golf

Laura Wilkinson, Diving

USA Climbing Overall Women’s National Team

United States Rowing Women’s Double

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