Ae’s Thai And BBQ: A Burst Of Positive Flavours

Barbeque is an American past-time that has developed a large variety of styles over the years. Some may like it wet, wild, and tangy while others may indulge in an old-fashioned bold-flavored rub. No matter the preference barbeque is a favorite to all.

Thai food is light, healthy, delicately fragrant and full of vegetables. When prepared authenticly it can be described as one of the best categories of food in the world.

What happens when these two top cuisines come together?

Diving the fork deep into the dish of styles we come across a beloved style that is igniting the tastebuds around Hazlet, NJ as Ae’s Thai & BBQ is a Thai-barbeque fusion restaurant. Located in the historic airport plaza this new restaurant has instantly won the popularity of the locals, and for good reason. Owned and operated by the Bartow Brothers Rick and Steve along with Steve’s wife Ae whos name was the inspiration for this new eatery.

Walking into the restaurant you are greeted with a warming atmosphere of reddish tones that are soothing to the eyes. The senses are then met with aromas of fresh cut vegetables being prepared in the kitchen along with a scent of meats that are cooking for the next lucky customer who is ready to indulge in their menu selection.

Sitting down and looking at the menu you will see a vast variety of options to choose from that are categorized based on the choice of a base from Fried Rice, Curry, Noodles, and Stir Fry. Selecting one of the following you are then able to customize your dish to the desired taste.

All of the above base options allow you to select from chicken, pork, tofu, beef or shrimp. Those who are vegan will be pleased with the tofu option and the option to have a gluten or vegan fried rice category. Looking at the fried rice authentic selections, you are presented with three dishes. The Kao Pad Dinner, A classic stir fry with jasmine rice, eggs, scallions, tomatoes, and onions. For those looking for something sweet, the Pineapple Fried Rice Dinner may be for you with jasmine rice, eggs, scallions, tomatoes, onions, cashew nuts, carrots, sweet peas, raisins, curry powder, and sweet delectable Pineapple. The last option is a personal favorite and appeals to those looking for a bit of a kick the Spicy Basil Fried Rice Dinner. In this dish are jasmine rice, eggs, scallions, tomatoes, onions, chili, bell peppers, green beans, and Thai basil that all come together for a symphony in your mouth.

Speaking of spicy we move into the Curry section that holds four authentic options. Fair warning some curry recipes can be hot but the best part is that Ae’s will dial down or up to your personal preference. The Green Curry Dinner is a popular favorite that holds green beans, eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil leaves in coconut milk. The Massaman Curry Dinner is a rich and bold dish that has peanuts, potatoes, onions, and lemongrass in coconut milk. The Panang Curry Dinner offers green beans, broccoli, bell peppers, and kaffir lime leaf in coconut milk. The last delicious option is also a popular selection of the Red Curry Dinner. This is comprised of Spicy red chilies, green beans, eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil leaves in coconut milk.

If you like to light a fluffy you will enjoy the noodles option on the menu. The noodles hold four mouth-watering selections such as Pad Kee Mai Dinner or better known as Drunken Noodles. This dinner offers rice noodles with spicy peppers and sweet Thai Basil. The next great option is the Pad Mee Lueng which offers yellow noodles stir-fried with delicious shitake mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, scallions, onions, and soy sauce. The next option is another favorite of mine the Pad See Ew Dinner that offers rice noodles with soy sauce, eggs, onions, broccoli, and Asian kale. This dish is for those who love some sweet and savory flavors. The last noodle option is the Pad Thai Dinner which consists of thin rice noodles that are timely sauteed with scallions, bean curds, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts that offer a crunchy yet satisfying taste.

The last selection is Stir Fry. This is a must try when visiting. The four options to select from are not only authentic but will make your tastebuds reach cloud 9. The Pad Cashew Nut Dinner offers a collection cashew nuts that sauteed in chili paste and mixed with onions, scallions, bell peppers, and mushrooms in a creamy oyster sauce. The Pad Ginger Dinner is also another favorite as ginger, carrots, celery, scallions, onions, and bell peppers are brought together in a heavenly ginger sauce. Pad Ka Pow is for those who love that kick of flavor with stir-fried green beans, onions, bell peppers are mixed with bamboo shoots in a spicy chili basil sauce. The last option is the Pad Prik Khing Dinner which offers carrots, bell peppers, green beans, and kaffir lime leaf that are all sauteed in a spicy chili paste.

The dinner options are not only tasty but are also plentiful with large portions that are brought to the table. Each option is truly better then the next with each holding it’s own unique and desirable.

kicking things up a notch we take a look at the barbecue selections that will be getting you wishing for more. The BBQ baby back ribs are juicy and smothered in a signature dry rub that is then slow cooked and smoked to perfection. The half chicken offers a mixture of spices that can make your mouth water for this chicken dish. Pulled Pork is really a treat with that simmered and smoked signature recipe BBQ sauce that can hook you from the instant you take the first bite. Mixing the Thai cuisine into the traditional barbeque we are treated to the Smoked Thai Sausage Dinner that is really something to try for yourself. Last, the Wing Dinner is a deep fried chicken wing selection that can be customized with a choice of BBQ sauce and choice of side. What are those side well they offer a bacon lovers Bacon Garlic Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, Creamy Mac & Cheese, salad and healthy mixed vegetables.

if you are looking to go on the lighter side of the menu we would recommend the specialty soups such as the Tom Kah and the Tom Yum. No matter the occasion or the craving Ae’s Thai and BBq will leave you happy and filled. Go down and try their delicious selections for yourself or check out their website for online ordering.

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