Courtesy Accommodations Offered By Local Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the growing COVID-19 pandemic striking New Jersey local and big corporations are going the extra mile to create a safe environment to reduce the amount of pandemonium. From grocery stores to restaurants to everyday convenience stores all the great businesses in the Garden State are feeling the effects of the new “social distancing” curfews and crowd control regulations.

This week these business leaders have joined together to help the community as people’s day-to-day lives are being altered. We have compiled a list of new store hours and special hours that those in the older generation or with underlying health conditions can utilize without any worry or extra anxiety.

Target – Wednesdays First Hour of Opening dedicated to Seniors and People with underlying health

Costco – Tuesday & Thursday 8 am-9 am dedicated to 60+ and Physical Health Conditions

Dollar General – First Hour of Opening dedicated to seniors

Walmart – Are not closing any NJ store locations

Big Lots – First Hour of Opening dedicated to Seniors and People with Underlying Health

Shoprite – Senior Dedicated checkout lanes

Whole Foods – Tuesday & Thursday Opening an Hour Early dedicated to 60+

Acme – Tuesday & Thursday 7 am-9 am dedicated to Seniors, Pregnant Women, and People with Underlying Health Conditions

Stop & Shop – Opening at 6 am Dedicated to Seniors, 7:30 General Public

List of Local Restaurants offering Dine-Out or Delivery Options or Special Accommodations:

New Monmouth Diner
Yellow Rose Diner
Broad St Diner (Keyport)
Jillaney’s Lunchette
Old Glory
Buona Sera
Turning Point
Stewart’s Root Beer (Hazlet)
Jersey Mike’s Subs
Ader’s Tavern
On The Deck
Aei’s Thai & BBQ
Keelen’s Bar
Texas Roadhouse
Italian Touch Keyport
Grill 36 Belford
Vibe – Offering free meals to local Police, Fire, EMS, First Responders, etc.
Teak- Making Local Food Donations
Chilangos – Making Local Food Donations


Keyport Italian Mini Market Pieros Woody’s

This list will be updated each day, If you have any information or a new business that is joining in accommodating the community please let us know in the comment section below. Thank you to everyone and please be safe and healthy!

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