Kazia Rae’s: The Home Of Flavors With Endless Combinations

With over 525 diners, 23 burger chains and a few hundred local restaurants that sell burgers just here in New Jersey, there are countless variations of the beef patty. Though traveling to Keansburg, NJ we have come across an establishment who has succeeded in creating 914 delectable combinations for their burgers, they are called Kazia Rae’s.

Do you want a burger with mac and cheese? Kazia Rae’s has it. Do you want a German pretzel burger? Kazia Rae’s has it, basically, if you can think of it, Kazia Rae’s can make it the way you like it.

Photo By Ken Cook

The man behind this “burger heaven” is Cliff Moore, Cliff has been in the culinary world since his youth around 12-13 years old. Asking Cliff, why burgers? he responded: “Who doesn’t like burgers? It’s has been in the top 3 favorite food choices throughout history!” “I enjoy combining flavors and textures when creating my recipes. Every bite should have the same flavors and the burger is not good enough to take a photo, it’s not good enough to serve he added.” The most rewarding part he said, “is when someone thinks the flavor combination on one of our burgers is strange and then tries it and loves the unique flavor balance” He shared the best example of the reaction people have when they hear about Kazia’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger. They talk about it the first visit, ask if we still have it their second visit, and then buy it and try it their third visit and then take pictures of it and share it on their social media.

But before we dig into the delicious assortment of food that is offered let’s take a look at the positive story behind the name of Kazia Rae’s. So who is Kazia Rae? Well, It is Cliff Moore’s daughter who complained when she was younger that no one could pronounce her name correctly! Her father responded by saying: “I am going to make your name famous!” Similar to Dave Thomas the founder of the global food chain Wendy’s who used his daughter as the highlight for his company. Though not global, Kazia Rae’s is all the rage in New Jersey with customers traveling hours away just to taste their mouthwatering combinations.

Photo By Ken Cook

So what are these combinations? With over 914 possible combinations it is impossible to name every single creation in just one article, but let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular items on the menu. First “The Bacon Mac Attack”, This 6oz Certified Black Angus Burger is grilled to your specific taste. Then, a heaping portion of homemade mac and cheese is placed on top followed by real bacon that is diced up for easier consumption. Last, holding it all together is three pieces of melted American cheese and topped with a bun of your choosing potato, sesame, pretzel, and the ever-popular brioche. There is no question of why this combination is such a popular choice among customers with all that cheese, it is one ooey gooey yummy burger.

The second choice among customers is captivating to all the pretzel lovers, The German Pretzel Burger. This unique burger is made up of a quarter-pound of Certified Black Angus, topped with their home-made sweet and tangy coleslaw followed with grilled sweet pickles and swiss cheese melted over it, The most important of this hardy combination is the grilled pretzel roll. This creation is a personification of Cliff’s love for creating combinations that enhance different flavors and complementing textures.

Now those are the most popular but let’s be realistic, they are all delicious. Kazia Rae’s are not just influenced by Cliff’s love but is also influenced by the town and the dedicated customers. Kazia Rae’s currently offers three burger combinations on the menu that is named after the town of Keansburg. The “Burg” a 6oz Certified Black Angus burger with a thick slice of New Jersey’s favorite Pork Roll or Taylor Ham depending on what you prefer. Then, sauteed onions and three slices of American cheese are placed on a grilled potato roll, finally, its topped with a signature store-made pickle sauce.

Next, you have the “Keans-Burger” that was introduced in July 2017 to commemorate Keansburg’s centennial celebration. This burger is an innovative approach to the “traditional burger” as it is served in a wrap. Inside is a quarter-pound of the Certified Black Angus beef with tater tots, diced bacon, raw onion, and their store-made pickle sauce.

Photo By Ken Cook

Last, is a recent combination that was helped introduced by three regulars. This is the “SS Keansburg”. It’s a quarter-pound of Certified Black Angus beef topped with tater tots, onion rings, real cheddar cheese sauce, diced bacon. This is all placed in a warm long roll. The three regulars are Daniel Calbo, Tom Mgerak, and Keith Vanbrunt.

We spoke to both Daniel and Tom who both travel almost an hour from North Jersey to just enjoy the great creations at Kazia Rae’s. These guys have been coming almost every Friday night since the grand opening, but they have had a strong connection to the town specifically the bumper cars at the amusement park. Since 1996, they would go every Friday to the bumper cars and enjoy a night out in Keansburg. After Superstorm Sandy the gentleman retired until they reopened the amusement park but during that time they came across Kazia Rae’s. Having such a deep connection and commitment they continued the Friday night tradition at Kazia Rae’s. They are now working with Cliff to create “boardwalk” theme creations specifically with Kazia Rae’s delicious hot dogs. Both love the mix & match style with the endless combinations with quality ingredients.

Photo By Ken Cook

Now you might be thinking if I go to Kazia Rae’s say goodbye to my 2019 new year’s gym resolution. In fact, you will be pleased to hear that Kazia Rae’s has a 2019 resolution of their own. They want to offer a high-quality healthy food option and they have introduced a new menu with all the combinations you love. This new “Healthier-Choice Menu” is just what you need to stick to your plan but also enjoy delicious food. The Salads are the first thing that stands out among the choices with a variety of fresh ingredients like real blue cheese crumbles or farm vegetables.

Photo By Ken Cook

Though the scrumptious salads are not the only menu items that stand out as Kazia Rae’s embraces the “KETO Diet.” What is the “KETO Diet” well it is a healthy alternative that revolves around no carbs. Kazia Rae’s is located next to the world famous Institute of Muay Thai that trains champions that are looking for good healthy food but some want carbs and calories and other wants no carbs depending on their training regiment. The owner Mike Burke has collaborated alongside Cliff to find the perfect options and combinations that are pleasing to all.

Now, what are you craving, a customizable burger or will you try the healthy side of Kazia Rae’s? The best thing about the menu is certainly their ability to let customers experiment but they also offer chicken customization, hot dog variations, and even their fries, onion rings and newest side of tater tots are able to be customized with chili, cheese, and bacon. Another favorite menu item that is a must try is the 22 different milkshakes and 144,000 bubble tea combinations. Let’s say that again 144,000 combinations. That is simply incredible.

Still, want more reasons to come? Kazia Rae’s offers an anime night on Mondays 6:30-8:30. Open Mic night on Friday 6-8:30. This Saturday they will be hosting The 12th Donnelly Coffee House Series Concert n January 19 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Can’t make it no problem as Kazia Rae’s delivers up to 5miles.

It comes to no surprise that Kazia Rae’s was voted the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Burgers in Monmouth County in 2016, 2017 and 2018! This restaurant offers creations for YOUR tastebuds with its never-ending combinations and balance of flavors, textures, and assemblage. Come on in and try them all for yourself!

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