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New York International Auto Show Set To Unveil First-Ever E-Mobility Test Course

With The New York rolling back into hosting events since the beginning of Covid-19 the NYIAS is pulling out all the goodies for this year’s show at the Jacob Javits Center.

With a large surge of electric vehicles taking over each manufactures inventory the Auto Show will be introducing a taste of the electric power that is installed in these revolutionary automobiles. Inside the Javits Center will be a track course that will feature several options of scooter, bike, and other mobility devices that are completely electric transportation. The Exhibit will take up the full floor apart of the EV Test Fest and will be open for all consumers.

Hold on tight as these are the choices that will be presented at the exhibit. 

  1. Jetson – A company that is a staple for E-Scooters and E-Bikes
  2. Spark CycleWorks – This feature presentation is focused on getting people outdoors while they enjoy time with family and friends. Affordability and Functionality is the specific purpose to all their E-Bikes
  3. Onyx – This E- Bike will be peaking the interest of the thrill seekers considering an eco-alternative. 
  4. Revel – Do you like Memberships? Then this E- Bike is for you! Enjoy all the pleasures of ownership without any of the headaches. 
  5. NatiCycle – The All-In-One
  6. PWR Bikes – Dependability and Durability with a unique design is the DNA of this E-Bike option. Empower People in their Everyday lives.

Be Sure to check out the show on August 20-29th 2021

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