Pastrami Perfection At The All New Pastrami House In Lincroft NJ

Living in New Jersey, food comes in all styles. However, one of the most craved styles is traditional Brooklyn. Whether its Brooklyn style pizza or Brooklyn style bread nothing is better than that true quality taste.

Bringing a generous portion of that authentic Brooklyn flavor is Nick who is the owner of the all-new Pastrami House in Lincroft, New Jersey. Nick was born and raised in an Italian and Jewish section Brooklyn where he learned the restaurant business from his family. As Nick got older he developed a bond with a local Rabbi who guided him towards a passion for excellent quality food. After some years Nick went on to work in the World Trade Center where he was involved in the 911 attacks. Nick was a hero working with the many who courageously aided in the efforts to bring safety, comfort, and recovery.

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Nick never lost touch with his knowledge that makes up a true culinary expert. Going on two months now, Nick opened the first of many soon to come Pastrami Houses. Having a strong hand in every detail of the business Nick worked diligently to create a truly authentic Brooklyn styled delicatessen.

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As the name suggests Pastrami is a number one favorite. The meat is strictly prepared with no skimping on quality. The navel of the meat is trimmed just right so it has a balance of fat and lean selection. The fat holds a great deal of the true flavor and going to lean could impede on true pastrami experience. When ordering a Hot Pastrami Sandwich you got to have a good bread otherwise the taste of the quality meat will be lost. Nick has a variety of signature loaves of bread but nothing is better than two classic slices of Rye bread. The two go together like salt and pepper. The sandwich is served on a replica newspaper with coleslaw and pickle that adds to the traditional nostalgia. There are three selections to choose from to meet the individual customer’s cravings. The junior a 4oz, the large a 7oz, and the overstuffed coming in a whopping 10oz. Talk about Pastrami Perfection as you begin to indulge in the sandwich. A taste you got to try for yourself!

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Though the Pastrami is impeccable some of the other classic favorites will get your tastebuds cheering for more. A popular favorite is the innovative stuffed Rubenoli which is a creation between a ruben and a stromboli. Another popular favorite that is a personal go-to for Nick is the Pastrami Hash that can go great with any breakfast or lunch dish. The selections just keep getting better as a classic foot-long Hebrew national and delicious varieties of Knishes will have you strolling down memory lane. Looking on to the side dishes you will not be disappointed as each salad is made in house with perfection. Lastly, we move on to desserts where Nick has the famous Junior’s Cheesecakes available along with other traditional styled treats.

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Among the most impressive qualities in the Pastrami House aside from the amazing food and the personable staff is the atmosphere. If you were blindfolded and placed inside you truly would believe you stumbled into a classic Brooklyn Delicatessen. From the distinctive Dr. Brown’s Soda to the American standards that are playing on the stereo, every detail was thought of. Most important of all, the Pastrami House is one of the cleanest eateries here in NJ.

Go out and try it for yourself! Also, be on the lookout as two more Pastrami Houses will be popping up in Aberdeen and Hoboken areas. For the full menu and hours of operation check out their website

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