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Seton Hall’s Sandro Mamukelashvili Enters NBA Draft

Seton Hall Men’s Basketball has been one of the top tier teams within the Big East and as you would expect the Pirates have generated some of the players to enter into the semi-pro and professional arena.  As the NBA draft begins we look at former all-star player Sandro Mamukelashvili. 

Standing an astonishing 6’11 at 240lbs Sandro played as a forward for the Pirates starting his college in 2017. His first year was one of his best averaging 47.3% of his shots but since his four-year career, he maintained a high shooting average with a drastic improvement in his 3pt shots going from 8-27 to 42-125. His skills as a forward were hand trained by Head Coach Kevin Willard who has some of the best coaching starts in the league. One thing to point out about Sandro’s career at the Hall was his 2019-2020 career which was proven to show some of his best game time,  with 54% shooting 95-176 shots. 

As it stands now 23 players have been drafted into the NBA since the team made its debut in 1903-04 with Angel Delgado in 2018 and Isaiah Whitehead in 2017 being the most recent selections. Myles Powell Seton Hall’s star athlete for the past four years was set to enter the draft but due to unforeseen injury Powell decided to step back from this year’s NBA draft. 

Now the time has come and we are predicting that based on Sandro’s career history he will be a first or second pick calling one of the top teams home for the next chapter in his life. 

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